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Derwen Fawr, known as “Great Oak” in Welsh, is home to The Bible College of Wales. Founded in 1929 by Rees Howells; his inspiration being the 900 student capacity Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois.

Rees Howells was a man of little worldly fame, yet through Norman Grubb’s best-selling biography, his life story has become known to millions. Born in a Welsh mining village, Rees Howells left school at twelve and worked in a tin mill and a coal mine. As he came to know the redeeming power of his Lord and Saviour he faced the implications of an entire surrender, learned to love the unlovely and found the key to the power of prayer. As a result he became a man of great Christian inspiration to others in both Britain and Southern Africa where he became the channel of a mighty revival.

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REV. TUCK YOONG and PASTOR DAPHNE YANG Cornerstone Community Church

The first college, founded and established in 1924 by the great intercessor Rees Howells, was not only a hub of incessant spiritual activity; it also produced a company of powerful servants of God who traversed the nations with the gospel. The second college, located at the current Derwen Fawr estate established in 1930, saw many famous preachers that came forth from its hallowed grounds of the school, from men like German Evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke, to the many other lesser known preachers, but equally as effective men and women who gave their lives preaching the gospel of the kingdom.

In an early college pamphlet, it had been written that the great object of the college is to prove that the work of God can be carried on by trusting in God and that faith and prayer are efficient agents. The pamphlet goes on to say that the desire of the founder was to give the very best tuition to young men and women and also to encourage them to enter the School of Faith. That all the students who graduate from the college will be able, not only to expound the word of God but to give practical demonstrations of it.

This need of trained ministers was a burden to the founder Rees Howells and he prayed for a strong interdenominational college in Wales that would give thorough theological training, yet with practical expressions of faith.

In keeping with the tradition of the founder of this Bible College, we pray again that out of these gates, God will again raise a mighty army of preachers who will traverse the earth, proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom and shaking the nations.

As Directors of the Estate, we are convinced that the Bible College of Wales will once again be a hub of great spiritual activity and a blessing to all the churches in Wales and the United Kingdom.

The question to answer of course is who should attend this college? Good question. This college is designed for young men and women who seek to know the Lord more intimately, those who desire to enter into ministry, either on a full-time or part-time basis, those who have a call for the nations as missionaries, and those who would like to be refreshed in the Lord. Each semester will last 12 weeks, and we assure you that those whom you send will receive the highest standards of instruction, training and ministry.

My fellow pastor/elder, I would like to appeal to you to send your leaders, potential leaders, promising candidates whom you think would be future leaders and ministers of the gospel.

Whilst this 3-month course will focus more on the practical aspects of ministry, I assure you that there will be no compromise in its theological content. We have shortlisted some of the finest teachers of the word to input into the students.

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