The School of Ministry is a three month course that is designed as an intensive programme for personal growth and spiritual development. Based on a core curriculum of theological and practical training for ministry and leadership, it will equip you for a greater level of service in your calling. The course follows the pattern described by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 4 as the ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers come together to “equip the saints for the work of ministry”. Across the many varied modules in the programme, there are three major areas of focus:


It is our goal to help you develop in your relationship with God and grow in Christ-likeness as you mature as a Christian. The modules will build and strengthen the foundational truths in the life of the believer.  Areas such as personal gifting, effective studying of the scriptures, cultivating a life of worship, prayer and fasting will be covered in the Maturity Series.


The Ministry Series is designed to prepare believers for their ministry in the church, the marketplace and beyond. The modules are designed to grow you in the area of effective leadership, discipleship, partnership with the greatest Teacher, the Holy Spirit and understanding the work of the five-fold ministry.


Drawing on church history, principles of revival, and other important themes, a third focus of the course relates to our mandate for mission and for reaching the world. Key subjects such as prayer, spiritual gifts, evangelism, and the principles of the kingdom of God will run through many of the modules.


01. Praise & Worship

Whatever way God leads us from the Bible College of Wales, one of the most important things is that we passionately love and worship God. It is key! Sometimes it is the sacrifice of praise that will bring victory; sometimes it is that tender moment of worship that will see us through. We will be looking at what the Scripture says about praise and worship, learning how they are important in our lives, where they fit in the life of the church, and how we can use them in our ministry.

02. Important Christian Values

This part of the programme will unpack some key values found in leadership, Christianity, and the individual’s life. Led by experienced ministry leaders who have pioneered churches in the UK, and set up teams in a variety of settings, you will be incredibly blessed and privileged to receive their heart and wisdom; Their godly characteristics, team-building skills, how they defeat negativity, and more.

03. Building a Spiritual House

In 2 Sam 7:1-12, King David declares to the Prophet Nathan, that he wants to build God a house, “See now, I dwell in a house of cedar, but the ark of God dwells inside tent curtains.” However, even as David was told by the prophet to “Go” and “do all that is your heart, for the Lord is with you.” ,the word of the Lord comes to the prophet in the night, and God declares to David, through the prophet, that He instead, will “build a house for My name” and will establish the throne of David’s kingdom.

In our zeal and passion, we may have declared to God that we want to build Him, His house. We lay down our lives to serve, labour-in-love and give of ourselves fully to the work of the ministry. But, just as the Lord said to David, “I took you from the sheepfold, from following the sheep, to be ruler over My people, over Israel…and have made you a great name…” God is working in and through our lives, raising up vessels of honour, fulfilling prophetic promises and dreams in those whose hearts are set on Him, who like David, are people “after My own heart, who will do all My will.” God is about to grant you the desires of your heart; He is about to build you, a sure house, because you have set your heart on Him!

04. The Joy of Personal Bible Study

Our Christian journey begins with knowing the Word of God. This course is an introduction to the interpretation of the Bible. You will learn the Inductive Bible Study Methods – Observation, Interpretation, and Application. You will be able to discover the riches of the Bible and enjoy studying God’s Word.

05. Romans

Romans is the central book of the New Testament that explains the plan of salvation. It explains why we need a Saviour and how salvation was purchased for us at Calvary. It gives the full account of the experience of the Christian and what it means to live and walk in the Spirit. This course goes to the heart of the message of Romans and how it applies to our lives today.

06. Cultivating the Inner Life of a Leader

The higher a building goes, the deeper the foundation it has to have. This is true not just in the arena of construction, but also in the area of ministry. However, the foundation that is laid is not something observable on the outside. In the same way, the inner life of a leader is of crucial importance and it is something practiced in the secret place. Whether it is a consistent bible-reading lifestyle, or if it concerns a leader’s marriage – it is important for a leader to lay a solid foundation of personal practices and habits that will enable him to lead and minister.

There are several crucial areas of a leader’s inner life that needs to be cultivated and developed. This course will show you some of the important areas in which a leader should focus on developing as well as put practical handles into your hands to enable you to develop and maintain healthy habits for each of these areas. Jesus pointed out the marvel of the mustard seed, that something so small contained the potential to become a blessing and impact to so many. Establishing the small things in our lives will help determine the direction, impact, and significance of our destiny.

07. Basic Doctrine

The following topics will be dealt with in the lectures on Basic Doctrine.  You will have a clear grasp of these fundamentally important Biblical truths:

  1. The Doctrine of the Bible
  2. The Doctrine of God
  3. The Doctrine of Man
  4. The Doctrine Of The Atonement
  5. The Doctrine Of Eternity

Ministry Modules

01. Spirit Empowered Leadership

Receive the Holy Spirit’s anointing and gifts for supernatural empowerment in the work of the ministry and fulfillment of purpose. Learn to discover, strengthen, and balance our vertical relationship with God in our election and to make our calling sure by identifying spiritual gifts and using wisdom to minister life in our horizontal relationship with people. Remove toxicity from our lives and relationships and learning keys to stay full of the Holy Spirit.

02. Self-Leadership & Team Leadership

Self Leadership: Luke 2:52 is one of the finest examples of self leadership in the Bible. We’re told that Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, favour with God and man. We will be examining how Jesus grew in His first century world and how we can grow in the 21st Century.

Team Leadership: The Bible teaches us that ‘two are better than one.’ Team is at the heart of God’s plan just as the God-head demonstrates. As we look at Team Leadership, we’ll examine it both biblically and practically, thus empowering us to move beyond the limits of just one person, into the power of team.

03. NT Leadership – Developing the Deaconate

In these “last days”, we must establish proper New Testament patterns for church leadership and the deaconate being a vital part of that pattern. Practical issues such as loyalty, discipline, servanthood, faithfulness, and role models are foundational to this development.

Building spiritual and moral excellence into deacons are keys to the spiritual growth of any church body or leadership team. Any true vision for the future must include the development of this New Testament office.

04. Surviving the Anointing & Preparation of Kings and Priests

In “Surviving the Anointing” we will explore the reasons why thousands of leaders fail to fulfill their ministry calling every year. We will examine the essential principles of God’s Word regarding the ministry. While these principles apply to every level of leadership, they are not exclusive to leaders. In fact, they are applicable to all believers who desire to finish the race and reap an eternal reward.

The theme of ‘Kings and Priests’ begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation. While every believer is called to function in these great roles not every believer does or will. As in any great calling, there are requirements that need to be first met. We will look into the biblical requirements necessary to function in these two God given roles.

05. The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit

The lectures in this topic will cover:

  1. The Person of the Holy Spirit
  2. The Work of the Holy Spirit
  3. His Work in the Old Testament and New Testament
  4. His Work in Regeneration
  5. His Work in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  6. His Work in Empowerment
06. Interpreting & Imparting The Word

The Bible is under attack not only from the outside world, but this outright denial of the Scripture relevance is also grievously seen from the pulpits of our churches today. Often, even in churches where the divine inspiration of the Bible is accepted, there is still an unsound interpretation and confused declaration of doctrine.

This topic will examine the importance of a correct understanding and clear exposition of the Bible. The section on interpretation will examine subjects such as the inerrant, plenary and verbal inspiration, and principles of interpretation. The section on impartation will examine the importance of good preparation and effective presentation of Biblical truths in preaching, teaching and counselling. Students will be given opportunities in class to put into practice what they have learnt.

07. The School of the Prophets

The lectures in this topic will cover the following

  1. The Purpose of Prophecy
  2. Principles of Prophecy
  3. Positioning of the Prophets
  4. Provision for the Prophets
08. Building Intentional Disciple-Making Churches

One of the biggest crisis the church faces today is the lack of leaders. The key to this is to be intentional in disciple-making. The value of intentional disciple-making is found in investing in the next generation i.e. to see to their growth in character and leadership qualities for effective ministry. Therefore, it is important to lead the church back to her roots of disciple-making.

This course seeks to fulfill the essence of intentional disciple-making; The principle, philosophy, process, and its practices. Furthermore, the lecturer will also focus on practical lessons learnt through the personal journey of seeking to build an intentional disciple-making church.

09. Helping Others Succeed

The Christian definition of leadership is quite different from the secular one. The life of Christ portrays for us a clear picture of leadership being one that is attuned to serving others. Christ made it clear that He did not come to be served, but instead to serve. His life was devoid of personal ambition or any desire to elevate Himself. Likewise, when Joseph focused on his own dreams, he found himself ending up in a pit. Yet when he focused on helping others with their dreams, it propelled him into his own destiny.

One of the great challenges of Christian ministry and leadership is to learn to give ourselves to help others succeed. Everyone wants to be the top dog, calling the shots. We all like the limelight and for people to appreciation our calling and gifts. Proverbs 20: 6 laments as such that many men will proclaim his own loyalty, but who can find a faithful man? We often serve for a season hoping that what we do becomes a stepping stone for our own greatness. Yet the cross speaks a very different message. The cross conveys to us a message of selflessness and surrender that we are called to live out. The practical expression of this can be found in giving our lives to serve others and help them succeed.

Mission Modules

01. Roots – A Study in Church Revival and History

What comes to your mind when someone mentions the word “History”? Dead men? Meaningless dates? Irrelevant facts? Someone once said, “The fastest way to kill a tree is to cut it at its roots.” The quickest way to kill a nation or a culture is to cut off its history. And the same is true for the Church – the fastest way to kill the Church is to remove its history because once we forget our history, then we have no more bearings for the future.

In this series called “Roots – A Study on Church History”, we will re-visit the ancient paths and re-dig the wells that the forerunners of our faith have dug. Explore how the Church came to enjoy the fruits of our Pentecostal heritage and the many rich truths handed down to us by those who have paid the price before us.

Strengthen your roots and grow in appreciation for what you believe in. As you study the revivals and awakenings of old, you will find yourself crying out to God for a fresh move of His Spirit!

02. Transformation Prayer

As a result of the growing worldwide prayer movement, powerful changes are taking place in the church and also in the marketplace of our cities—transformation is now becoming a reality in our time. In ‘Transformation Prayer’, you will be able to catch the heart and passion for reaching cities and nations the way the early church did it: the whole Church modeling the whole gospel to the whole world through sustained prayer and fasting while at the same time engaging in powerful missional action.

03. Spiritual Warfare

When we become Christians we are embraced into the church and become part of a family. However, we are also enlisted to become part of God’s army! Therefore it is important for us to know how we become effective soldiers of the Lord and how we can fight effectively for his Kingdom individually and in our ministries. Whether we like it or not, we need to learn about spiritual warfare in these crucial days. We will be looking at the ‘Principles of War’ and studying how we can win battles and take grounds for the Lord.

04. Why Israel?

The destiny of the Church includes being a key instrument for the salvation of Israel. God’s prophetic promises concerning Israel are coming to pass today before our very eyes. This study will explore the modern restoration of Israel, it’s prophetic significance, and how Israel, the Jewish people and the Christian Church will come together in the last days.

05. Supernatural Evangelism

Lectures in this topic will include

  1. What is the Gospel?
  2. Circle of Influence
  3. Changing the Spiritual Atmosphere
  4. Forming & Sustaining an Evangelistic Team
  5. Effective Follow-up of New Believers
  6. Healing Prelude to the Harvest
  7. Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Purpose of Speaking in Tongues
  8. Deliverance
06. Understanding the Gospel of the Kingdom

We will look at the gospel that Jesus proclaimed and brought. The Gospels and the Book of Acts will be our main resource guide and authority with references made from the Book of Daniel. We will go on to look at the implication for us in praying, living, ministering and leading.