The School of Ministry is a three month course that is designed as an intensive programme for personal growth and spiritual development. Based on a core curriculum of theological and practical training for ministry and leadership, it will equip you for a greater level of service in your calling. The course follows the pattern described by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 4 as the ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers come together to “equip the saints for the work of ministry”. Across the many varied modules in the programme, there are three major areas of focus:


It is our goal to help you develop in your relationship with God and grow in Christ-likeness as you mature as a Christian. The modules will build and strengthen the foundational truths in the life of the believer.  Areas such as personal gifting, effective studying of the scriptures, cultivating a life of worship, prayer and fasting will be covered in the Maturity Series.


The Ministry Series is designed to prepare believers for their ministry in the church, the marketplace and beyond. The modules are designed to grow you in the area of effective leadership, discipleship, partnership with the greatest Teacher, the Holy Spirit and understanding the work of the five-fold ministry.


Drawing on church history, principles of revival, and other important themes, a third focus of the course relates to our mandate for mission and for reaching the world. Key subjects such as prayer, spiritual gifts, evangelism, and the principles of the kingdom of God will run through many of the modules.


01. Alignment to your Assignment
We are living in the day where every believer must know and be aligned to his or her assignment in life. It is critical that we are functioning with all cylinders firing. We have to know the high call of God in Christ Jesus for our lives and shoot for it. The apostle Paul, toward the end of his life, gave his valedictorian speech when he said, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing.” We have all started in the race but let us all finish well too.
02. Legacy of our Inheritance
Legacy speaks of the passing on of properties or some tangible emotive reflections of a past generation to the next generation. A legacy can carry both positive and negative connotations and it depends on what these past experiences leave behind. The bible is a divine record of the legacies belonging to us, and unless we uncover and obtain the wealth in the treasury that is ours, we have not yet understood the fullness of our inheritance. How can we join these dots to our current day? Seeing that we have this privilege of coming into this rich inheritance belonging to Mr Rees Howells, who himself obtained it by his life of obedience and sacrifice 16 in the Holy Spirit, it is desired that you will be challenged and compelled by the grace of God to step into and attain higher heights in Christ. And just as the Apostle Paul writes, “forgetting the things that are behind, I press on towards the upward call in Christ Jesus”
03. Building a Spiritual House

In 2 Sam 7:1-12, King David declares to the Prophet Nathan, that he wants to build God a house, “See now, I dwell in a house of cedar, but the ark of God dwells inside tent curtains.” However, even as David was told by the prophet to “Go” and “do all that is your heart, for the Lord is with you.” ,the word of the Lord comes to the prophet in the night, and God declares to David, through the prophet, that He instead, will “build a house for My name” and will establish the throne of David’s kingdom.

In our zeal and passion, we may have declared to God that we want to build Him, His house. We lay down our lives to serve, labour-in-love and give of ourselves fully to the work of the ministry. But, just as the Lord said to David, “I took you from the sheepfold, from following the sheep, to be ruler over My people, over Israel…and have made you a great name…” God is working in and through our lives, raising up vessels of honour, fulfilling prophetic promises and dreams in those whose hearts are set on Him, who like David, are people “after My own heart, who will do all My will.” God is about to grant you the desires of your heart; He is about to build you, a sure house, because you have set your heart on Him!

04. The Joy of Personal Bible Study

Our Christian journey begins with knowing the Word of God. This course is an introduction to the interpretation of the Bible. You will learn the Inductive Bible Study Methods – Observation, Interpretation, and Application. You will be able to discover the riches of the Bible and enjoy studying God’s Word.

05. Book of Romans

Romans is the central book of the New Testament that explains the plan of salvation. It explains why we need a Saviour and how salvation was purchased for us at Calvary. It gives the full account of the experience of the Christian and what it means to live and walk in the Spirit. This course goes to the heart of the message of Romans and how it applies to our lives today.

06. Inner Healing & Deliverance
Jesus died so that we may be delivered from the works of the devil. As believers, we are to enjoy total freedom in Christ and exercise Christ’s authority through engaging in spiritual warfare. This course will equip us with an understanding of the Christian’s armour and weapons so that we recognise the tactics of the enemy and live in complete victory!
07. God's Eternal Purpose
This is a study taken from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. We will seek to understand the great purpose that was hidden in the heart of God for the whole of creation, centred in His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. The study opens out some truths regarding God’s people, and shows the high calling of God upon every believer and how God makes that calling a reality in this life.

Ministry Modules

01. Dynamic Leadership
Luke 2:52 is one of the finest examples of self leadership in the Bible where Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, favour with God and man. We will be examining how Jesus grew in His first century world and how we can grow in the 21st century.
02. Conflict Resolution
For the Christian, this importance of resolving conflict is heightened as the quality of our relationships with others affects our relationship with God. Resolving disagreements within the Body of Christ will determine our effectiveness in serving, and being successful in this is to be qualified to fulfil any positional ministry in the Body of Christ.
03. Surviving the Anointing & Preparation of Kings and Priests

In “Surviving the Anointing” we will explore the reasons why thousands of leaders fail to fulfill their ministry calling every year. We will examine the essential principles of God’s Word regarding the ministry. While these principles apply to every level of leadership, they are not exclusive to leaders. In fact, they are applicable to all believers who desire to finish the race and reap an eternal reward.

The theme of ‘Kings and Priests’ begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation. While every believer is called to function in these great roles not every believer does or will. As in any great calling, there are requirements that need to be first met. We will look into the biblical requirements necessary to function in these two God given roles.

04. The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit
The lectures will provide us with a greater understanding of the Person of the Holy Spirit, who is a key part of the Trinity and Godhead. We will study who the Holy Spirit is, looking at His work in both the Old and New Testament, and also in regeneration today. In addition, we will look at Scriptures that reveal how the Holy Spirit empowers us and about the baptism in the Holy Spirit – and encounter more of Him.
05. The Prophetic Ministry
God still speaks today—as He does in every generation. He wants to speak to us and through us. We will look at the scriptures to receive practical instruction to speak as God’s ambassadorial voice with love, authority, and wisdom. This module seeks to uncover the role and function of prophecy in our lives, developing intimacy with God and recognising key elements He uses to ignite our gifts and anointing to minister effectively for Him.

Mission Modules

01. Prayer, Intercession, Fasting, Spiritual Mapping & Prayer Walking
The greatest of all weapons which we the church possess – is faith inspired spirit directed prayer, fasting and intercession. In this series of talks we will discover why, The Priority of Prayer and How Prayer Works; Intercession and How It Works; Fasting – What Is It and Why?; Spiritual Mapping – Understanding The DNA Of Your Community, and Loving Your Community Into The Kingdom – Prayer Walking, are key components for spiritual maturity and kingdom ministry.
02. Strategic Engagement – His Kingdom Above All Else
In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus makes a clear declaration concerning the Kingdom, “… seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given” (6:33 NIV). In class we will discover how God wants to partner with us in order to pray strategically, to cooperate sacrificially with one another in order to remove those barriers preventing the Church from fulfilling its God give mandate, to transform people and nations. We will consider seven key principles of transformation and strategic engagement, from both a biblical and modern – day perspective. Concluding our session by looking at ten foundational steps required to implement such a transformation.
03. World Watchers & Interpreters – Travelling Through Troubled Times
In this lecture we will consider some difficult, perplexing issues and seek to find Biblical and understandable answers, charting our way through a maze of opinion, and through scriptures like, Luke 21:25-28; Hebrews 12:26-28 and Matthew 24: 4-14, to find a clear pathway to follow. We will see how twenty-seven hundred years ago, in a small far-off land bordering the eastern Mediterranean, a very similar situation arose. How the Prophetic Habakkuk a fellow pilgrim travelled victoriously through troubled times thereby providing answers for us to consider.
04. Jewish Roots
Jesus said “salvation is from the Jews” and Paul warns us never to forget the Jewish roots into which we have been grafted. Here we will introduce Christian theology rooted in the same Jewish historical, cultural and philosophical soil that nurtured the Messiah and all those in the Bible who hoped in Him, loved Him and wrote of Him.
05. Israel
The destiny of the Church includes being a key instrument for the salvation of Israel. God’s prophetic promises concerning Israel are coming to pass today before our very eyes. This study will explore the modern restoration of Israel, it’s prophetic significance and how Israel, the Jewish people and the Christian Church will come together in the last days.