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2016 Spring


In your new season, we are going to see mighty breakthroughs - that which has been hindering you will break open. He is summoning us to the battlefront, and may you students experience many breakthroughs as God takes you higher.

Note from the Directors

From our Valedictorian

All of the students have been transformed since walking through the gates of BCW. They have been nurtured by Dr. Colin Hurt and all of the lecturers who came to teach, nourished on the true living Word of God, fed on the supernatural nutrients that had flowed from the wells of BCW and imparted into our hearts. All of us students have been transformed, we have flourished, matured and changed color inside. The wells of true living water that are flowing out of Derwen Fawr are producing fruit that is going to transform our world yet again!

Class valedictorian

Cory Stuart Price, United Kingdom

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