2015 Autumn

In keeping with the tradition of the founder of this bible college, we pray again that out of these gates, God will again raise a mighty army of preachers who will traverse the earth, proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom and shaking the nations.

Note from the Directors

Jacqueline Alexander, United Kingdom

Class Valedictorian

This Class of 2015, is a class like no other; the first fruits - made up of individuals who reflect the character and heart of God, and who have in them amazing potential of many kinds to do ‘great exploits’ for the Kingdom of God, whether at home or abroad.


Bible College of Wales

School of Ministry


If you are an alumni, share your testimony with us! We would love you to hear what God is doing in your life since you've graduated from the School of Ministry. Shared testimonies may be featured on our platforms.

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