BCW Residences

The BCW Residences offer guest rooms for visitors who wish to come on a retreat. Immerse yourself in the beautifully landscaped surroundings as you

dwell and meditate in the presence of God.


Established in a prime location near other historical sites, sweeping beaches

and serene parks, the BCW Residences is a good base from which to explore

the rest of Swansea. Located within the compound of the college, the BCW Residences is an ideal retreat venue for you, your loved ones, and friends.

We only offer the following room options: Single/Twin. For visitors traveling in larger groups, please fill in the enquiry form for alternatives.

BCW Residences
BCW Residences

Visitor's Testimonial

A very nice place to stay! The staff are friendly people and the accommodation is very clean. I was grateful to be able to join in some areas of prayer during my stay and to go to Pisgah during the week as my visit was mainly to pray and joining others in prayer.

Pastor Tracey Seaman

Highway Christian Church, Australia

BCW Oak House

Enquiry Form

If you wish to plan for a retreat with us, please fill in the enquiry form and we'll get in touch with you as soon as we can.

Reservations are subjected to availability and will only be confirmed after you have received a confirmation email from our staff. 

Living faith must first prove to God that it has taken His word and promise for victory.


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