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Our Mission Statement

  • 01

    To be a unified Alumni Body called and sent to global ancient wells of revival and intercession and to re-dig and unplug such wells so that incense of prayer and worship will be offered to God.

  • 02

    To exhibit a life of obedience, surrender and faith to the will and purposes of God, in accordance to the example set by Mr. Rees Howells and his company of intercessors.

  • 03

    To be living testimonial and memorial stones, milestone markers, trailblazers and pioneers in our local churches and areas of specific ministries which God has called us.

  • 04

    To live in constant evangelism and intercession, to carry on the legacy of Mr. Rees Howells, so as to have far-reaching impact on Christiandom in the nations of the world.

  • 05

    To gather the Alumni Body as a mighty army, strong and equipped with every good gift, to storm the gates of hell to fulfil the purposes of God and to see His Kingdom increase and established on earth.

The Lord always shows you all the difficulties, when He is going to do anything through you.


The Blue Room

The Blue Room offers visitors a glimpse into the personal life, and testimonies of Rees Howells, highlighting his inspirational journey of obedience, surrender, and faith that prepared him for his ultimate call to establish the Bible College of Wales and intercession for the nations.

The Literature Room

The Literature Room illustrates the development and growth of the Bible College of Wales, which was accomplished solely through God’s faithful provision, and through the unwavering faith and sacrifices by Rees Howells and his company of intercessors.

The Italian Garden

The innate serenity of the garden makes an ideal place to commune with the Lord in prayer and meditation.Nowhere else in the world will you find a garden in which literally every plant that was put into the ground was prayed over. 

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