Italian Garden

The innate serenity of the garden makes an ideal place to commune with the Lord in prayer and meditation. Originally constructed as a replica of the gardens found in an Italian chateau, the Italian Garden has been lovingly restored by the dedicated volunteers from Swansea.

Plan Your Visit

Admission is free but you will now need to book a ticket in advance to guarantee entry. For your safety and the safety of our staff, timed visiting slots are in place and only a limited number of visitors are allowed in the Heritage Centre. Find out more about what has changed.


Nowhere else in the world will you find a garden in which literally every plant that was put into the ground was prayed over. It is little wonder then, that many guests have reported a tremendous sense of the presence of God here.


Refocus & seek the Lord in prayer.

Best experienced in Spring and Summer, the gardens are open to bless the community during the opening hours of the college every day. You can spend time in the presence of the Lord and appreciate all things bright and beautiful.


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Your generous contributions will support us in the running of the estate, as we continue to receive guests, intercessors, and students from all over the world.