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School of Ministry

The School of Ministry is a three-month full-time course that runs twice a year (Spring and Autumn Terms). It aims to train and equip those who have a call to ministry in the church, marketplace or in cross-cultural missions, so that they will be prepared to bring in the great End-Time Harvest.

In this unique season, students will be challenged to delve deeper into the scriptures, strengthen their prayer lives and grow through living with fellow students.


Life-transforming teaching

Some of the finest teachers have been carefully selected to teach, and they will certainly challenge students to aspire for greater spiritual maturity. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is a key part of school life here, and lives are transformed not only through the exposition of the Word of God, but in moments of extended prayer and worship.

Sharing God's heartbeat through prayer

As Mr Rees Howells’ had given his life to intercede for the fulfilment of the “Every Creature Mandate”, his legacy is continued at the school today. Students will learn to engage with the Lord and hear His heartbeat for the nations as they get on their knees to seek Him individually and corporately.


Serving as a community

With so many different nationalities and cultures converging, community life at the college is definitely vibrant and enriching. The experience of studying, serving and playing together builds a bond which turns strangers into family.

Our vision is that through this programme:


Our students will receive vital teachings from experienced ministers of the WORD, to develop a deeper relationship with the Lord, understand their personal areas of ministry influence, and be ignited by the Spirit of God to reach the ripened harvest through effective evangelism in the local community and the nations.


Our students will be equipped to return to their local church and serve in areas of ministry that need committed and trained personnel.


We will honour the legacy and work of Mr. Rees Howells by imparting and preparing students to impact nations as they serve in the Kingdom of God through a life yielded to the Holy Spirit and prevailing intercession.

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