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Heritage Centre 

In the Bible, whenever significant events occurred, the Israelites would erect memorial stones as a reminder of God’s faithfulness. Likewise, the Heritage Centre serves to commemorate the life, ministry, and legacy of Rees Howells, the founder of The Bible College of Wales.


Through his ministry of evangelism and intercession, Rees Howells and the BCW community had a far-reaching impact on Christiandom, in Wales, the United Kingdom, and the nations beyond. His story is recounted here as a testimony of what God can do in the life of a person fully given to Him.

Plan your visit

The Heritage Centre is open from Tuesday to Friday, 10am-3pm (closed on bank holidays). Admission is free but you will need to book a visiting slot in advance to guarantee entry.

BCW Literature Room
The Heritage Centre stands in the beautifully refurbished Derwen Fawr House where numerous intercessory meetings led by Rees Howells were held. We invite you to take time to reflect and contemplate while you explore the Blue Room and Literature Room.
BCW Blue Room



The Blue Room

The Blue Room offers visitors a glimpse into the personal life, and testimonies of Rees Howells, highlighting his inspirational journey of obedience, surrender, and faith that prepared him for his ultimate call to establish the Bible College of Wales and intercession for the nations.

The LiteratureRoom

The Literature Room

The Literature Room illustrates the development and growth of The Bible College of Wales, which was accomplished solely through God’s faithful provision, and through the unwavering faith and sacrifices by Rees Howells and his company of intercessors.

BCW Literature Room

Support us

Your generous contributions will support us in the running of the estate, as we continue to receive guests, intercessors, and students from all over the world.

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