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A Call to Prayer

Valerie Hicks
Spring 2020, Tenacious

When we graduate from BCW, we are aware that God has done a work in us and we are not the same as when we first arrived. Sometimes, it will not be until years later that we will realise the full extent of all that He has done in us by the power of His Holy Spirit.

Some of us will leave with a new clear vision of God’s purpose for our lives and where the He is leading us. Others will return to their familiar situations but with a new perspective. Others will be unclear of a way forward and spend time waiting on the Lord to reveal the next step.

I came to the BCW with a call to pray for Wales and revival. After graduation, I presumed I would be returning to Yorkshire to continue in my prayer. Unfortunately, I was caught in the lockdown and my several attempts to return fell through. Eventually, it became clear that the Lord was calling me to remain in Swansea and to continue in my prayers and calling in the land.

For a year, the Lord gave a structure to my prayer life where I would pray specific prayers for Wales – Praying for revival, our leaders, the social constructs in Wales and the raising up of a prayer army. There were other prayers and assignments too, but I think these were the prayers that enabled me to obtain a position in intercession.

I also did a lot of prayer walks when praying for revival and for a mighty move of the Spirit to come to the land. I usually prayed particularly around the coast, praying into a word that had been given about a mighty tsunami of the Holy Spirit coming to Wales.

During this time, people began to ask what I was praying for, so I sent copies of the prayers to them and was encouraged when they felt they should start praying them too.

Then the Lord started to speak to me about enlargement, increase and expansion. I had become a member of a local church where I take services in a circuit of ten churches. I see it as a great privilege to be able to speak on the Word of God. With lockdown restrictions easing, we are now able to travel to the churches rather than just take services on Zoom. It is a great joy to now meet so many lovely people to worship and pray together.

Alongside this, I’ve started doing regular street outreaches with a group. Going out telling people about Jesus, praying blessings, giving out Bibles and praying for healing. Many times, I am out of my comfort zone and there’s been heartache, but it has also brought great joy and blessing. There is so much need. At times it is a battle to go out. But I feel, what is the point in doing so much prayer and preaching the Word if I am not ministering to those where the harvest is? There is such a great need, particularly after COVID-19, with many suffering mental health issues.

I continue to pray for revival and the raising up of a mighty prayer army in Wales but also for the raising up of a mighty army of foot soldiers on the streets proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel; the two go together. You can’t have one without the other and there are encouraging signs.

“The harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into His harvest.”

Mathew 9:37


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