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A Faithful God

Bramwell Blyth
Spring 2020, Tenacious

Our calling to BCW was very clear in the way that it happened. What both Natasha and I felt was that it would be a time for equipping for our future ministry that God was calling us to but He had other ideas. BCW was not just equipping us for the ministry; it was a time of deal with our hearts, and a time of blessings and trusting.

We were told in October of 2019 that we could not have children, despite God giving us a name individually before we met, which was the same name of Boaz. The news hit me especially hard as it was due to me that we could not have children. During our time at the college, Gary Heyes, one of our lecturers, shared his testimony of being unable to have children. It affected both of us and yet there was hope in our hearts. That afternoon I laid hands on Natasha’s stomach and called Boaz into being. A week later, we found out that she was pregnant. We totally believed that it was going to be a boy and despite some difficulties in the scan of not being able to see the gender, we still believed. We finally found that indeed we were having Boaz, and we knew that he had a calling on his life.

After BCW, we didn’t have a place to return to as we had left a cabin we lived in to go and follow God’s call. When we were offered an amazing opportunity in Cardiff, we were ready to take it but God had other ideas. He provided a house for us to live in, rent free for a couple of months in Swansea, near where we were called to minister. We kept seeking Him in providing a place in Blaen-Y-maes, where we knew we were called to. Eventually, the council offered us a place that was not in the area but we said no and kept trusting Him. Then again, at what seemed the last moment, He provided us a house in Blaen-Y-Maes and we were able to go into the community. A month later, we started the ministry work.

We knew we were called to that community, and we have held strong to that. We’ve seen God transform lives, especially of one man who was against us at the beginning. He came to faith and then God called him to set up a Christian Radio Station, BMC Radio. I got involved to support him; and through this, my eldest daughter, whom I haven’t seen or spoken to in five years, got in touch after finding the station and listening to a live show I did. We are now chatting regularly, and she sends me music for all the live shows I do.

Boaz was born 9 December 2020 and God moved again within that moment. There was a complication during labor as Natasha had an infection due to her water breaking three days before labor. During labor, both mother and son were affected. Natasha went into a seizure and Boaz’s heartbeat was ‘lost’ for 20 minutes. The doctors could not find Boaz’s heartbeat and the crash team had to be called in. However, by the power of prayer in that room, Boaz was resurrected in the womb and was delivered safely without further complications. Natasha also came back to us from the seizures after half an hour. It was an amazing moment of spiritual warfare and God’s promise coming through again.

These experiences have taught us to stand on the promises of God, to keep trusting Him and be obedient to His call. Since BCW, we seem to be on a journey of going further into that level of obedience; and it is a daily reminder to die to self, less of me and more of Him. It’s not easy as a human but all things are possible ‘through Christ who strengthens me’ (Phil 4:13).


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