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Going for Gold

Daphne Mahon
Spring 2021, Hidden Treasures

During my time at the College, I was on an exciting adventure with the Holy Spirit. Our batch were the “Dizahab Diggers”, the perfect inter-generational mining family surrendered to the cause of searching out the gold. We, as a family, hit on several gold mines and were each given beautiful, treasured golden nuggets in the process.

The gold nugget of unity - we were not just about the 1 (self), but the 1 and the 1 coming together (Batch 11), standing shoulder to shoulder united and seeing the Holy Spirit bring us into new pastures personally and corporately. In the place of unity, the Holy Spirit unlocked doors and gave us glimpses into our destiny. Personally, I received several confirmations on what the Lord was already speaking to me about, but not only that He also revealed new treasures, which like Mary, I have kept in my heart and now I often ponder them before the Lord. Precious, precious treasures, hidden for now from the world around me, but to be revealed in days to come.

The gold nugget of absolute surrender. No longer holding back anything of ourselves but pouring it all out as a fragrant offering to Him who deserves all the glory, honour and praise. We were stretched beyond measure, broken into bits at times and placed back on the potters wheel to be re-formed so that we could be Reformers in the Kingdom of God. For me, my time at BCW was the start of a new chapter in my life and it was entitled “Take my life and let it be consecrated Lord to Thee”. In my surrender, I was engulfed and completely overwhelmed by the love of the Father. He revived dead places within me and unleashed new giftings, which continue to draw me deeper into His presence today.

The gold nugget of prayer. Like any victory, the real work is done in the preparation before the army even take to the battlefield. It is the disciplined preparation that often gives the edge and wins the battle. From day one of my interactions with the college, it was clear that the staff had such a love for the Lord and a real desire to see each student step into their calling. The staff of BCW had clearly sacrificed so much of their time and efforts into preparing the ground for us through prayer and as a result I believe we walked into the college with the majority of work having already been done. Yes, we still had to participate and battle through various personal dealings in prayer with the Lord, but through their dedication and love the victory was already ours, and I was drawn closer and closer to the One who wears the Victor’s Crown, the Lord Jesus Christ.

You see my time at BCW was more than just about me, it was about my new family from across the nations. It was about the family of God functioning as one body and seeing the plans and purposes of God being unravelled before our eyes. We saw God move on our behalf and on behalf of the nations during our time at BCW. He answered prayers and He brought each one of us into new, unchartered territory in our hearts. We were called there by Him for such a time as this and in our obedience of rising to the call to go, He gave us our wings so that we could fly out and bring the gold that we found back to the nations. I left BCW reformed with a new, fresh love for my Lord, and weighed down with the weight of gold I received. A truly life changing time!


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